lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008


  1. The neverending history was read by my sister tweenty years ago.
  2. "El Quijote" was written by Cervantes.
  3. Their beds were not made by their mother.
  4. The present was given to me by my boyfriend.
  5. A new computer will be bought by Esther.
  6. My mother's cat is going to go to the veterinary.
  7. They have been arrested by the Port Autorities in Africa.
  8. Has John been operated?

miércoles, 24 de diciembre de 2008


My name is Esperanza but everybody knows me as Nancy. My name was a disagreement between my father and my mother: he called me Esperanza but she didn’t like it and she decided to call me Nancy. My name is not very common in Spain and people always ask me where my name comes from. Moreover, Nancy is the name of a popular doll and people are always joking about that. When I was a child the other kids joked about it and it made me angry but now I do not mind, I even think that some jokes can be funny.
I am the youngest of four siblings; I have two sisters and one brother (Ana, Jose and Esther). We grew up in Cas Serres, a small working-class neighbourhood of Ibiza. There we could play in the street and we usually did; we played hide and seek, hopscotch and other games. Nowadays Cas Serres has changed a lot and there people from very different places. Maybe Cas Serres is not the best place to live now but I have really good memories of my neighbourhood and people. In fact I still have some friends from there who are my best friends.
I went to Primary school in Cas Serres School which, in my opinion, was a very good school where there were excellent teachers. They always encourage me to continue studying and I am very fond of all of them.
As I was a good student I decided to continue with my studies and I did my secondary education at Blanca Dona High School. This period of my life was really fun because I met a lot of people and we went to a lot of parties. I had an amusing social life but very bad marks so I had to repeat the last year of secondary level and I didn’t do the university entrance examination. When I finally finished secondary education I started working in a shop. I worked working for two years in Mango but I didn’t like my job so I decided to leave the island and I went to Granada, where I lived with a friend for two years. Finally, due to financial troubles, I had to came back to Ibiza.
Once I arrived on the island I continued my studies and started to work in a bar at weekends. In 2004 I finished studying “Environmental Health” and I was hired by Goldservice where worked for two years.
Nowadays I am working in PIMEEF and I am studying to become a teacher. I think that I am living the best period of my life because I am studying something that I like and I have a good job. Moreover, I have a good project for next summer: I have asked for a grant to go to Peru and work in a school.there I think that it will be a great experience for me, for my life and my studies.
I don’t know what I am going to do in the future. I don’t know if I will stay in PIMEEf or I will work as a teacher. That is something that I will decide when the time comes.

viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008


- 1. Read this tale carefully. What is it trying to tell us? Do you think that human life can be limited to this? Why? Establish an imaginative relation with G. Klimt painting. What does it mean? What does it mean to you?
"A young king of ancient Persia ascended the throne full of great wishes. Willing to learn, he summoned the wise men of the Court and asked them to write a summary of the history of humanity. This took them thirty years. Once they had finished it, they loaded their five hundred volumes onto twelve camels and went to the palace. But the king, who was already in his fifties, said: "I won't live for long, I will die before having read it. Write a shorter version". The wise men started to work again. Ten years later, they brought the summary to the palace. This time they only needed three camels to carry the volumes. But the king, who was already in his sixties, did not feel like reading so many pages and asked them to write a shorter version. This new version took them ten years, and they needed just one camel to carry it. However, during this time, the king's sight had been getting worse, so he needed something even shorter. After five years of work, the wise men reduced the work to one volume. However, by then the king was ill in bed. He told them sadly "Am I going to end my life without having learned the history of humanity?" The eldest wise man leaned towards the headboard and whispered "Majesty, the history of humanity could be summarised in three words: Humans are born, suffer and die". Then the king nodded and died. A Persian tale.


  1. I wish I knew more people.
  2. I wish I had more time.
  3. I wish I could dance.
  4. I wish John had come early. We could go rollerskating.
  5. I wish my neighbour would make less noise.


  1. If John had listened to your question, he could have answered you.
  2. If I had had my car yesterday, I could have collected my sister.
  3. If he had Known that, he would have decided differently.


  1. If Istudied more, I would pass the exam.
  2. I would buy a new car if I had more money.
  3. She could go to the TV program if she danced well.
  4. They couldn't win if they had a good manager.


  1. If I do the exercises today, I will go to the closing party of Talykual pub.
  2. If Paula is sleeping, we will not go to the cinema.
  3. We will buy a motorbike if my mother gives me the money.